Child and baby photography – effective ways of getting some good photographs

Child photography:

To photograph children may be a little of a challenge. They rarely are able to sit down and be quiet, and they get impatient very fast. But if you are patient with them, and do things on their terms, then you should be able to take some good and funny pictures without being professional.

Some general advice:

Go down on your knees. Then you are in the child’s height. Talk to the child from time to time, which gives a relaxed atmosphere. You should use the zoom or an appropriate lens, so you can get a little distance. It is advised to use a high ISO-value, which gives you more flexibility with regard to shutter time. Try to focus on getting good pictures of the baby`s eyes, they are more important than the eyes of adults. Here you should not use a flash while taking your pictures, in order to avoid getting red eyes. Furthermore, you should now have lots of colors in the background, keep it simple basically.

Child photography

Take your time:

Children are curious, but easily become uncomfortable with the situation, and lose interest. You must, therefore, work quickly, and prepare yourself on taking some breaks from time to time. Divide the entire photoshoot up in short sequences, while taking your photographs, it might help to talk to your child. Ask about things they like, you will quickly see that this usually results in unconditional success. Because this way you will get the necessary attention that you need, and you can soon continue to take new pictures.

The best pictures are often taken when you let the child play or do things he or she likes to do. If you have a good lens or zoom on your camera, then don’t be afraid to use it, it is a very good idea to get a little distance, your children will be more relaxed this way. Remember that you have to accept the fact that there will be more bad pictures than good ones, so don’t be shy to use up your memory capacity. If you’re patient, you will eventually see the results that you’re looking for.


Birthdays are something completely special and give us a good opportunity to see the children develop from one year into the next. If it is possible then take pictures the whole day, and not just of the birthday cake and when the first visitors arrive. It is recommended to use the setting 400 ISO. Then you can take lots of photographs without using a flash, and you can get some fine atmosphere pictures – especially of the cake with candles on. That concludes some tips you should know about taking pictures of children and babies.