6 Photography Documentaries You Cannot Miss

6 Photography Documentaries You Cannot Miss

To be the very best, you should gain from the very best. Your abilities are not just constructed on the field, however also in the time you invest searching your preferred photography site, browsing social networks looking for motivation, and discovering more about renowned figures in the history of photography.

Having the ability to comprehend the stories behind the images that made you fall for photography, in addition to the enthusiastic individual that developed them, will have an unmatched result by yourself work.

These 6 photography documentaries will assist you to do simply that, each of them concentrating on particular renowned professional photographers or stories. They are readily available on a wide variety of platforms, from BBC and DVD to Netflix and YouTube.

Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

Annie Leibovitz is among the most popular names in picture photography. A long list of rock stars, supermodels, political leaders and stars, such as John Lennon, Queen Elizabeth II, Angelina Jolie, Kendrick Lamar, and Meryl Streep have been caught by Leibovitz’ unique design. In this documentary, we learn more about who the individual behind the video camera is, and how her creative self-realization developed through her life – from youth to ending up being a photography icon.

Costs Cunningham New York City

This documentary follows the actions of the late New York City Times style professional photographer Costs Cunningham. For over half a century he cycled the streets of New York City searching for individuals with distinct style designs. Understood for his street photography technique to style and his love for elegant devices and brilliant colors, Cunnigham was a perfectionist who participated in every action of the life of his work, from clicking the shutter to preparing the design for printing.

Discovering Vivian Maier

Such is the case of Vivian Maier, a baby-sitter who devoted many of her free time to street portraiture and is now thought about one of the most accomplished street professional photographers of all times. After Maier’s death, the director of this documentary came throughout a box of negatives shot by her and asked the Web to assist him in understanding more about this mystical professional photographer.


Sir Don McCullin is frequently referred to as the biggest war professional photographer alive. This documentary explores his life and work, as well as the changes in photojournalism through his photography profession.

The Mexican Luggage

In 2007, 3 boxes consisting of 4,500 negatives shot by Robert Capa, Gerda Taro and David Seymour throughout the Spanish Civil War were discovered in a closet in Mexico City. This documentary follows the journey of these images throughout the Atlantic Ocean from their disappearance at the end of the Second World War to their rediscovery. The movie also reveals how Spain shows on those darker times and the function Mexico played in the Spanish Republic duration.

Smash His Cam

Paparazzi operate in among the most popular and least valued kinds of photography. This movie checks out the complicated concerns of this occupation through the story of distinguished paparazzo Ron Galella. At some time throughout his long profession, Galella’s exceptional images took him from being among the most disliked professional photographers to a cherished pop-culture idol.