Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wearing: skirt: Adidas NEO, sweater: Adidas NEO, sneakers: Adidas, sunglasses: ZeroUV

These photos are the end result of a beautiful and suprisingly warm March day - you can literally see how delighted I was by the warmth of the sunshines landing on my skin. I was wearing the pieces from my collaboration with Adidas NEO that I could seriously live in for the rest of my life: warm, comfy, skirt? - give them to me!
Have you noticed the new blog desigh by the way? I'm still planning on doing some new features here and going through some changes so I'm still up for new ideas if you guys have got something in your minds.
Wish you all a lovely day!

Egy nagyon szép és kellemes márciusi nap eredményei ezek a képek - mint láthatjátok én is eléggé meghatódtam,hogy végre valahára egy szál pulóverben léphetek ki a házból. A darabok, amiket viselek egyébként (még mindig) az Adidas NEO tavaszi kollekciójából vannak, amik egyszerűen annyira kényelmesek és annyira magaménak érzek őket, hogy legszívesebben egész évben így járnék, ha tehetném.
Egyébként nem tudom mennyire tűnt fel nektek a blog megújult kinézete, de gondoltam megemlíteném, hogy mindezen kívül még (tudom, hogy sokadjára) pár új, másjellegű dolgot is tervezgetek bevezetni; ezért, hogyha van valami, amit szívesen látnátok (youtube videóktól kezdve reggeli receptekig) nyugodtan jelezzétek és kiokoskodok valamit!
Szép napot nektek!

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Retro and casual

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Coat - Sheinside
Jeans - Choies
Bag - Frontrowshop
Sneakers - Adidas
Glasses - Zerouv
Nice weekend guys! xx

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Instagram March + new things

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

(instagram: @noraaradi)
Little snaps from my instagram account during the past few weeks.I just love how it all starts getting more and more colorful with spring's arrival. Speaking of arrivals, I've also been planning on doing some new stuff on the blog lately and wanted to ask you guys if there's anything you'd especially love me to post about (p.e. new youtube video ideas/tutorials/recipes etc.)? Please do let me know in the comments so I can get some ideas on what should I concentrate on the most!

(P.S.: I added and will be adding some new more items to my shop as well, you can check them out here: mesmemosshop.tumblr.com)
xx :)

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Racing with time

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sneakers - Adidas
Skirt - Younghungryfree
Sweater & jacket - Vintage

I'm so excited to finally show you guys the first photos from my collaboration with Adidas Neo Label. I already mentioned this but I'm already used to wearing running shoes everywhere - so you should've how surprised by its lightness when I was putting them on. Worthy of the name of the 'light racer' and my new favorite go-to item to run late for classes from now on. xx

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