Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ocean Blue

Sweater - Chicwish
Skirt - Choies
Boots - Asos
Backpack - Chicwish

Despite my attempts on trying to dress properly, according to the weather this season, the skirt + sweater combo remained my all time favorite outfit option. To challenge myself in another way, I went for trying out a color I hardly ever wear: blue!
I quite like the result (and the fluffiness of this sweater as I'd already ranted about it), hope do as well! :)

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Let's fall into fall

(photos from tumblr.com - find mine here)

Yes, that's right, I could have not given a cheesier title to this post. Sorry, not sorry.
Also, another inspiration post because my afternoon walk in the woods and seeing the leaves chaning color made me very excited and happy about everything - so much that I'm trying to channel my inner emotions through these photos that I just copy-pasted from my tumblr. Let's hope that's enough.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Late summer

Kimono - 6ks
Trousers - Pull & Bear
Shirt - H&M
Hat - Choies
Boots - Asos

I'm one of those people who take the change of seasons very seriously when it comes to fashion and all that - for instancet, I'm not comfortable wearing plaid or burgundy during summer or pastel colors in winter - is it just me or you guys feel the same way, too? So for said reason, I really wasn't planning on wearing kimonos in September, but it almost felt like summer last week - tables have tourned ever since though and the weather suddenly started to act like actual autumn which I'm pretty happy about by the way. For now at least.
Talking about weird habits, told you guys I have a thing for this hat, it just kinda keeps my hair all fixed up and on point (is this even a thing?). Anyways, you know what I mean.

Nem gondoltam volna, hogy Szeptemberben kimonoban fogok rohangálni, de előző héten szerencsére még volt pár késő nyári, meleg napunk, még mielőtt az ősz elkezdett ősz módjára viselkedni. Egyébként, hogyha valaki a tökéletes fekete csőnadrágra vágyik (és már évek óta keresi a megfelelőt, mint például jómagam), a Pull & Bear-t nagyon ajánlom figyelmébe, igazi kincsekre lehet bukkanni az üzletek nagy, ignorált ruhakupacaiban, ha jól figyel az ember. 
:) xx

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