Friday, December 19, 2014

Normal people scare me

T-shirt - Hicustom (self-customized)
Denim jacket - Romwe
Skirt - Younghungryfree
Shirt #2 - Choies
Sneakers - Asos
Last day of school for about two weeks and my all-time favorite self-customized American Horror Story t-shirt: the perfect combination.
I absolutely love all things self-customized and I also think they make a great gift for Christmas, so if you guys are still looking for presents for your love ones, go over Hicustom's website to check out their options, I think it's a pretty good idea!
Happy holidays you all! xx

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You ♥

I always feel so weirded out (in the most positive way possible!), super happy and a little bit jealous - because of my lack of drawing skills - at the same time when one of you sends me on sketches/drawings etc. that've been inspired by my photos. Thank you soooo much!
(You can find all the names of the creators above, please check out their account if you've got a little time! :))

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Monday, December 15, 2014


Sweater: Sheinside
Flats: Asos
Beanie: Asos
Sleepy, tired and cold mixed with the sweet, usual lack of free time and sleep - is how I'd describe these past few days briefly. But! this is the last week of school and my sister's is finally back home so it's aaaall good and I'll be hopefully posting more content once the winter break commences and I can finally get back to my little creative space here. :)
Not much more to say about this outfit to be honest - the very first phrase pretty much explaines it all.
Have a lovely night everyone! xx

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